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December 30, 2012
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Paper Airplanes
Kiku x Reader

You had just about enough of the stress for the day. Quiz after quiz, reports and projects to be submitted all on the same day.

Quite a student's life.

You didn't even want to be in that school anyway. True it was famous for its name and of the students who graduated there but all you wanted was a normal ideal high school life. Not the one full of Science and Mathematics and Technology that slowly makes the students forget about normal life and even freedom…

Taking a sigh, you swing back and forth on the simple child ride in the park. You missed being a child. Everything was so simple and no problems and…


A blush crept on your face when you saw the dark-haired Japanese man stare at you. "K-Kiku! What are you doing here?" You asked startled by his sudden appearance. He took the place beside you silently as your eyes followed his movement. "I was supposed to ask you the same thing. I was passing by here when I saw you all by yourself."

"Oh." Was your only reply. A moment of silence passed between the two of you and the only noise that filled it was the creaking sound of the chains on the swing as you went back and forth again and again. You wanted to start a conversation with him but couldn't bring yourself to doing it. You had a difficult time at talking to others since you entered high school for some reason and being in the company of another silent student in school only made the silence worse.

"S-So… Kiku, how are you doing so far in school?" You asked nervously as you stopped for a moment, hoping that you started the conversation right. "I am doing quite fine with my grades. And you _______________-chan?" You fidgeted a little and lowered your head. "Good. I managed to improve my grades."

Another moment of awkward silence.

You turned your head when you saw him stand up. "We should be going. It's getting a little late." He stated as you looked down and nodded before picking up your bag. Walking out of the park, you glanced sideways to find the Japanese student still walking beside you. You shrugged it off and thought that he might be going the same direction as you were and besides, you always went home early and alone.

A few moments passed and he was still with you. You were only two blocks away from your house so you decided to confront him. "Kiku, is your house also this way?" You asked as he looked at you and blinked. "You mean you still haven't seen me in the neighborhood before _______________-chan?" You shook your head as a reply. "You should try to let the sun be in your room sometimes." He commented as you shot him a confused and shocked face. "Y-You mean…"

"My bedroom window is the one across yours." He finished causing you to blush fifty-shades of red. Oh holy roman empire, why didn't you tell me he was the owner of the window across mine?! Your mind cursed all the kinds of curses from Austrian to New Zealander. "H-How did you even know it was my room?" He thought about it for a moment, trying to remember how he knew you were the owner of the room. "Oh, right. The curtains were open one time and I was using my computer then I saw you open your window and throw a paper airplane out before closing it again."

Paper airplane…? Paper airplane? Paper airplane?! OH MEIN GOTT PAPER AIRPLANE!?! You blushed bright red causing Antonio's tomatoes to hide away in shame. You may not know when you threw that paper airplane out but you were definitely sure on what was in there.

It was a page from your journal where you wrote something about you having a crush on Kiku and planning a confession to him but due to a lot out of character phrases there, you decided to throw it out paper airplane style so no one, not your mom, dad, siblings, or pet would get to see it but to think it was the person who was mentioned a lot of times there was the one who picked it up.

You'd give anything to have it out of his head. "Ah, _______________-chan, ab—."

"Please disregard what you read in the paper!" You said lowering your head in a Japanese way. You both stopped walking as he blinked at you. Realizing what you meant, it was his turn to have a shade of pink on his face. "So, what you wrote there… Were they true…?" The dark-haired man asked as you turned to another direction.

Option one: Lie to him (Consequence: It will get a long time to take it back and hide it. So eventually he will find out).

Option two: Tell him the truth (Consequence: Face rejection and a life-long traumatic embarrassment).

Option three: Keep quiet (Consequence: …).

Pick a choice.

You wondered on how your brain was able to get those options but heck, option three was your choice. You kept your mouth shut about it and began to continue your way home. "_______________-chan, answer my simple question. Were the words there real or not?" Since when did he get all persistent?

Option one then. "T-The truth is, I was making that for an online writing contest and I kind of ran out on names so I used yours." You laughed uneasily. Only one more block to go. You thought happily seeing the roof of your house not so far away. "But you could have used another name. Like Arthur's or Feliciano's or you could have asked me for a Japanese name. I could have suggested a lot."

You turned around to find him too close for comfort. "K-Kiku." His gaze never left yours. It felt as if he was examining your features like a portrait. "Kiku… I-Is something wrong?" You asked walking a few steps back causing him to break from his trance but his brown eyes continued stared into your (e/c) ones. "_______________-chan, I really don't like lying." He stated slowly approaching you. "Let me revise my question to make it easier for you. Do you like me or not?"

Oh crapola…

Option two was the last one. Giving up, you closed your eyes tight. "Y-Yes… I like you. For a long time already…" You opened your eyes and turned to another direction. "There. I said it." You mumbled walking away, not even wanting to have an answer. Arms suddenly wrapped itself around your waist before pulling you back. You blushed when you felt his breath on your neck. "Me too." He nuzzled his nose in your hair.

"Kiku, what do you mean?" He released his hold so you could face him. "I like you too _______________-chan." His hands held your face before slowly leaning in to meet your lips. You melted at the moment they touched, your dreams suddenly becoming true right in front of you. Finally you broke up, you blushing and him having a shade of pink on his cheek. "I should thank the wind for making your paper airplane land in my room."

He chuckled seeing you turn completely red when he told you that. "I-It landed in your room?" You repeated walking together with him, his hands entangled around yours. "The wind threw it in. Why won't we do that every day?" He suggested as your innocent (e/c) eyes looked to meet his. "What to do you mean?" He gave another chuckle before pulling you into a quick kiss. "I think passing paper airplanes over the window is fun. We can share our notes, homeworks, even secrets." You smiled at the thought. "I think it's going to be fun."


It was another Wednesday night and you were already lights out in your room. Or so your family thought. Your phone played your alarm for 10:00 p.m. and you pressed the dismiss button. You could tell that everyone in the house was asleep so you turned on your flash light and opened your window in time for Kiku to open his.

"Konbanwa _______________-chan." He greeted with a smile. "Good evening Kiku." You smiled back removing the hair off of your face. "So partner in Chemistry, do you still have no idea what our experiment is?" He asked as you shook your head. He was the one who went to consult the teacher about the topic and you seemed to have forgotten about it. The dark haired Asian passed you a paper airplane that landed exactly in your hands.

Slowly unfolding it, a smile was formed in your face when you read your topic.

'Try to come up with a perfect combination of any element in the periodic table of elements. How do elements U and I sound?'

"Perfect." You replied as you both laughed silently fearing that someone would wake up if you made noises. "I think we'll get a flat one with this combination."
I finally finished Kiku's~ :iconjapanpastaplz:
It's really, really delayed so sorry about that.
By the way the elements U (Uranium) and I (Iodine) seriously exists okay but I don't know anything about the combinations and stuff. I'm still too young and in the Philippines, flat 1 is the highest grade you can get. I heard it from my cousin that some countries consider 5 the highest and 1 lowest so... yeah, just to clear things up

:iconsexyjapan3plz: belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconpirate-japan:

So next up is~ Lukas~ Oh hell I'm going to enjoy this >:3

:iconnorgenoapproveplz: :iconsaysplz: Don't you even think about it...

Whatever, here's the list~:


:iconsmexyenglandplz: Arthur: [link]

:iconsexyamerica2plz: Alfred: [link]

:iconcanada-sanplz: Matthew: [link]

:iconyesjapanplz: Kiku: [link]

:iconsexynorwayplz: Lukas: [link]

:iconcuteromaniaplz: Vladmir: [link]

:iconicelandbunnyearsplz: Emil: [link]

:iconlafranceplz: Francis: [On-going! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconmalebelarusplz: Nikolai: [On-going! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconromanosexyplz: Lovino: [On-going! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconsexyprussia2plz: Gilbert: [On-going! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconspainstareplz: Antonio: [Coming Soon! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconaustriasparklesplz: Roderich: [Coming Soon! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconchinasaysplz: Yao: [Coming Soon! Pending Inspiration!]

:icondoitsuhairfixplz: Ludwig: [Coming Soon! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconsexygreece2plz: Heracles: [Coming Soon! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconsexyitalyplz: Feliciano: [Coming Soon! Pending Inspiration!]

:: Saqid: [Coming Soon! Pending Inspiration!]

:iconshyrussiaplz: Ivan: [Coming Soon!]

:iconsexyswitzerlandplz: Vash: [Coming Soon!]
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