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Exception (part 1)
Cardverse!Alfred x Reader

The Kingdom of Spades was considered as the best kingdom amongst the four. The economy was nice, the people were friendly and loyal to the king and queen despite their hidden identities and you lived quite a normal village life.

However, you treated yourself as if the enemy of your own kingdom, a traitor so to speak. You were loyal, yes, ready to give your very life for the king and queen but what hinders you was the birthmark that was given to you by the cruelty of Fate.

The legendary mark that has always been told about in stories of old and is written in the scriptures made by oracles and scribes who wrote down the vision which the previous leaders have foreseen, he mark that was said to bring down the 1776th ruler of the kingdom.

Your parents, of course, tried their best to protect your identity from reaching the Jack of Spades or the other notorious people in the kingdom and world but they caught up one day. They managed to send you to your aunt’s care before they could find you and after that, you never saw them again and spent your late childhood years under your adopted family’s care.

You walked down the streets of the kingdom idly, reading an interesting book your aunt gave you a week ago. The people were pretty busy preparing for the parade but you didn’t bother in helping them.

As you made a turn by the corner, you bumped into a man a few years older than you causing you to drop your book into a nearby puddle made by the rain last night. “Oh, I’m sorry about that!” The man stated looking over to the now wet book.

He picked the said item up and looked at it with a guilty expression. You had a good look at him. Sandy blond hair, baby blue eyes hidden behind rectangular glasses and wore clothes fit for a nobleman. You snapped out from your admiration and lowered your head. “No sir! I shouldn’t have been reading a book while walking down the streets.” The man chuckled at your formality but was cut off by the voices of the palace guards.

“There he is! We finally got him!”

You were in shock at the sound of their metal weapons and armor that you didn’t realize him grab your hand and started to dart off somewhere through the crowd. “Sorry for getting you into this _______________ but I can’t let them find me.” He stated with a goofy grin as you both slipped into a narrow alleyway which you never thought existed in town before.

You both continued to run further in before he stopped to catch a breath. You pulled your hand away from his grasp and regained your breathing as well. “H-How did you know my name?” You asked, scared of the man’s identity. He blinked at your question and held up the book which was suddenly dry for some reason. “It was written on the side of the cover.” He replied. You let out an ‘oh’ for an answer. Looks like you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore.

“I’m Alfred by the way. Alfred F. Jones.” He said as he handed your book back. You placed it into the basket you were carrying and didn’t dare to look at him again. “Come on now, what are you being all shy for?” He asked, touching your forehead. You suddenly felt a strong impulse from his touch and moved a few feet away causing him to be surprised.

“Who are you?” You inquired, fear written all over your face. You’ve never experience something like that before. Alfred must be someone important to the kingdom then. Someone so important he would make you see flashes of blood all around.

The man let out an uneasy chuckle. “Didn’t I just introduce myself?”

“Then why were the guards chasing you?”

He was silent at the question. “That’s… That’s because I’m someone they would consider important.” You backed away slowly as you realized who the man was. Alfred F. Jones, the King of Spades.

Before he could say something else, the palace guards, along with their leader, the Jack of Spades, appeared from both sides of the alleyway. “We finally have you surrounded!” The Jack stated as you froze at the sight of him.

“Your majesty, you have a parade to attend to. It is so that the people will finally recognize you as the new leader after more than 49 years of looking for you! And here you are running around town like some peasant, dragging along a…” The man looked at you momentarily, trying to look for a proper word. “Woman as if you are some sort of rogue!”

Alfred raised both his hands in surrender and let out a sigh. “I was only trying to help her out Yao.” He defended as the Jack looked at him disbelievingly. “Was she the reason why you slipped out of the carriage in the first place screaming ‘Freedom!’ leaving the Queen embarrassed in the presence of the other nobles?” He asked raising an eyebrow. You tried to stifle a laugh at the sound of the king’s childish actions.

“Fine, maybe I did want to do that in the first place…” The blond confessed as the guards straightened up at the gesture Yao made. “Very well, we shall escort you back to the plaza where the parade is supposed to start.” The Jack stated and turned around to lead the patrol.


The ones leading stopped and turned to where the king was. Alfred rubbed the back of his neck before glancing at you then back at Yao. “Can I at least have her escorted back to where she lives? Besides, I dragged her into this and all plus there’s still a good 45 minutes before the parade literally starts.” The brown-haired man sighed and secretly rolled his eyes. “As you wish, your highness.”


Before you knew it, you were in a carriage alone in the presence of the King, being escorted to your aunt’s house. The whole moment was awkward and you only looked outside the window until he spoke up.

“So, do you still live with your parents?” He asked as you flinched at the question. They were killed to protect this person you are with. How were you supposed to respond to that? “No, your majesty. I’m living with my aunt and her family. My parents… passed away a few years ago.”

“I’m sorry to hear about that.” He managed to say looking at you apologetically. You shook your head. “It’s alright, my lord.” You said trying to erase the last memory you had with your parents. You suddenly had a hint of hate against him. After all, they were killed thinking that he would live.

Another awkward silence passed before the carriage finally came to a stop in front of your aunt’s house. One of the palace guards opened the door for you and you went out of the ride to be greeted by your aunt’s relieved expression. “_______________!” She cried pulling you into an embrace. “Thank you very much for bringing my niece back safely your majesty!” She stated as Alfred descended from the carriage as well and nodded with a smile.

“No problem. It was fun having _______________ while it lasted.” He replied, looking at your direction. “Hope to see you soon.” You smiled wearily as a reply but wished that he wouldn’t. Especially with the fact that you were the one meant to destroy him. You weren’t supposed to cross paths but why did you have to meet in the most unexpected and normal way?

“We should get going, your majesty. The Queen is waiting.” Yao stated as his horse went to the door of the carriage. “Oh, right. Bye, _______________!” He went back in and the door was closed. The escorts started to move away but Yao lasted for a few seconds to look at you, as if trying to remember something. You simply turned away and went inside the house.
'Ello fandom! Guess who's back? :iconsayhiplz:

Yes! I finally made an upload after all these years! xD I just got inspiration from Philippa Gregory. I love her books so much and yeah, I set it up in some 16th century like setting in the Cardverse world.

It's going to appear pretty much like a series but I'll have it in less than 7 parts or chapters or stuff. So yeah, just post a comment about what you think of it so far. :)

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya
Picture from:
All I own is the plot

Part 1: :dummy:
Part 2:…
Part 3: [Coming Soon!]
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OH NO Yao is coming to sudden realization that it's ME-I hope I don't die!
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